At SmartSchools with 18 years of successful tenure in the field of education we bring the future today, with the award-winning method ” SmartLearning “. We apply “constructive” teaching practices (constructive teaching approach), which are structured on the basis of feedback and useful processing of cognitive objects

Teachers are trained, to train students to feedback their knowledge, to gain motivation, to finally be immersed in the culture of evolutionary learning, in terms of defining and achieving goals (not just cognitive).





At SmartSchools we apply advanced educational systems practices where students consolidate the content creation process (glossaries, blogs, websites) by developing skills of verbal expression, creative flexibility, production of ideas and new meanings.



An electronic portfolio that includes all activities with access from parents for complete evaluation and control of the development of learning and cognitive skills.

Discovery and improvement software, with immediate correction of errors, which is the objective of acquiring knowledge. Our students develop language skills by sequentially integrating different types of tests each time with a playful approach.

On Line


Different techniques are applied in each activity, that recognize young and old students for the difference in their learning profile and type of intelligence – and gives them the opportunity to understand the language input and use it as a language product.




Gain knowledge of your children’s education. Get instant, detailed feedback on their progress. Watch them learn at their own pace, depending on their own needs and preferences.


They learn by playing, they play by learning!
They pass tests and earn points for the annual Gradebook! They acquire knowledge with the most modern technology. They complete and repeat their exercises to improve their score. They see their progress and get motivated!

TEACHERS SmartSchool

They help students develop their cognitive, emotional and social skills! Identify goals and rewards! Promote self-directed learning!

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